Sharing content consistently

One thing I've noticed during my years in biz is that too many women spend a TONNE of time creating content, and not much time sharing said content. 

For example, the average woman may spend 2 hours planning for a Facebook Live, endless hours promoting it, and 1 hour talking on the Live, only to then go on and share just a couple of posts and one newsletter mention about it afterwards (even though the content continues to sit there for all to benefit from!)

The average woman in biz may spend 2.5 hours writing and editing a blog post, only to then go on and share just one Instagram post and two Instagram stories about it (uuuhhmm?!)

The average woman in biz might may invest 20 hours (AND money for a Designer!) into writing an e-book, only to then go on and share just a few Instagram posts, stories and newsletters about it. (#whaaaaaaaaat?!)

When I put it like that it seems insane and makes absolutely no business sense, right?

Sadly, I see it time and time again.

SO many women in biz are time poor, stressed out and questioning their sanity (don't worry honey, you're not alone!) But the crazy thing is - we only make things harder on ourselves! We create, create, create, hoping with all our might to cop a lucky break and go viral (or is that just me?! HA!), only to be disappointed when crickets chirp are barely anyone watches the re-run of the Live we did, reads the kick-arse article we wrote, or takes us up on our rad opt-in offer. And when this happens, we have a tendency to think, 'okay, well I'd better come up with something new to create seeing as that one was a big flop!' all the while being (metaphorically) bent over in half by the weight of tiredness and overwhelm.

We need to move from constantly creating new content (and burning ourselves out in the process!) to getting better at sharing the freakin' rad content we already invested HOURS into birthing!

Your sharing needs to be consistent and you need to ensure you come back to it, time and time again. Sadly, much of what we post to social media gets missed. And sadly, many of the people who subscribe to our mailing list don't open our emails. 

It's not arrogant to keep sharing your goodness, it's smart (done authentically and in a non-icky-and-sleazy way of course!) and it will do you a world of good when it comes to growing your business and making money.

Here's some tried and tested tips for how you can up-level your content sharing game ...

  • Obviously, share consistently on social media. Enough said.

  • Write wrap up posts and articles outlining all the goodness you've created in the past week/fortnight/month (depending on how frequently you're generating new content) and share this with your tribe (hello a TONNE of free goodness put right in the hands of your followers! And hello more space in your life!)

  • Create a special segment in your newsletter titled, 'In Case You Missed It' and use this space to highlight your offerings (remember, it's okay to share your 'oldies but goodies'!)

  • Buddy up with your online biz babes and share each other's rad content

  • Don't just share links! Your reader needs to understand the age old 'What's In It For Me?!' when you share your work online. Tell them what they will get out of the new article you've just published and how it will serve them, rather than just posting a link that says 'I've written something for you, you can check it out here'. I see this happen FAR too often and it blows. My. Mind.

  • Create appealing images in Canva with snippets from your ebook/article/course and share these in your feed and newsletter. Here's an example of the way I do this

  • When you create something new, invest time into writing promotional content to go alongside it - social media copy, a blog post (or three!) some attention grabbing tid-bits to use in your newsletters . The content will be fresh in your mind which will make writing these pieces SO much easier (which will save you a tonne of time in the long run!)

  • Remember, it's important to SERVE, not just sell! Yes, there's nothing wrong with selling/promoting but when this is all we are doing, we can push people away and damage our relationships with them. A successful business is, in large part, about the quality of the relationship we have with our clients and how much they TRUST us. It's important to lay these foundations if we want to then go on and sell to them. People can smell an inauthentic sleazy saleswoman from a mile away! Don't be her my friend.

Now consider this - what one piece of content can you re-share or re-purpose over the next week? And how can you ensure this 'golden oldie' links back to your other awesome offerings?

Here's to ease AND abundance in business my friend,

Che. X


If coming up with a plan to share and re-purpose your old offerings and content feels overwhelming, then reach out honey! I can craft social media content, blog posts, scripts for Lives and nurture sequences that will see your goodness being shared left right and centre (hello: new followers, subscribers and sales! YEW!) Find out more about how I can serve you here.

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