Content creation tips

My focus for my business this year is to build up my passive income streams. My reason? Because, in September, my partner and I will be farewelling our home, packing up our belongings and living in a (mini) bus for an indefinite period of time. We’ll follow the sun and the waves as we explore Australia, simplify our life and explore what this grand country has to offer. And, simply put, I don’t want to be a slave to my laptop when this time comes and what must one do when they want to stop exchanging hours for money? Diversify their income and create passive income streams my friend!

Even if you’re not planning on taking off and hitting the road, creating a passive income stream should be something that sits in the forefront of your mind.

A lot of people don’t want done-for-you services, nor do they want to invest in things like coaching, and passive income streams invite them to enter your business via another door.

For low price point products, it also gifts them a ‘taste’ of what you offer - and if what you offer is good, it’s highly likely they’ll come back (and pay more too, once that trust has been established!)

Sitting in front of me, as I type this, is a wall of different coloured post it notes. My sales funnel is mapped out and week-by-week I’m chipping away at bringing its contents (aka what will become my passive income streams!) to life. I’m so dedicated to this process that I’ve even created 'Che Days' in my business - one day a week that I devote entirely to working on my business. No client work. No coaching calls. Just me and my biz growing, passive income creating, projects (and the occasional nap). 

From my creative cave, I wanted to share with you three practical things that have proven themselves to be invaluable to me during this process. The next time you too venture into the creation cave and bring a new offering (whether that be an e-product, workshop, webinar, new service, page on your website - anything!) to life, call upon these tips. They will make the world of difference - to your mindset and productivity.


I'd been spending pathetic little dribs and drabs of time creating my new opt-in for months and I never got anywhere. By the time I'd finished re-reading what I'd already written, it was time for me to return to my scheduled client work. When I actually gave myself two full hours just to write, I smashed SO MUCH out! Yes, it can be hard to find time in your calendar to create but it really is so important if we want to move away from trading hours for money, and creating a more sustainable business in the long run.


I find that when I try to work on lots of different projects at the same time, nothing gets done. The mental side of business is SO important and what aids us mentally is seeing progress and completing projects. Having three new creations on the go actually has a tendency to weigh us down, psychologically and emotionally, and can in fact make us unproductive and unmotivated. I have a big list of things I want to create this year BUT I've made a deal with myself to just chip away at one thing at a time. Goodbye five half finished projects that get lost in Google Docs and never see the light of day!


Whenever I write something (even just a blog post) I step away from it for a few hours/days. From experience, I know that this mental space gifts me a blank slate and makes my writing clearer, more concise and in turn, more awesome! While we shouldn't procrastinate and put things off, we can't rush the creation process. Getting it spot on is what will sell it (even if it's a freebie and you're just wanting to attract sign ups!) and grow your biz in the long run.

And there you have it bebe, just some of the goodness and lessons I took from my latest journey into the creation cave. If you need a helping hand to bring an offering to life, or create a passive income stream of your own, then please reach out by emailing me at hello(at)

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Here's to creating magic,
Che. X