I’ve been speaking with a lot of women lately who work in full time jobs and run a heart centered biz on the side. These women dream of working for themselves full time and saying ‘Adios’ to the traditional 9 til 5 world.


Most of these women describe their day jobs as tiring, soul destroying, uninspiring and unaligned. They say that they dread Mondays. That they can’t be their true selves with their colleagues. That they often don’t have the energy to work in their own businesses after hours, because their creative energies have been stifled and dismissed.

But they stay in these jobs because they need the money. Because they’re working towards self employment, and they need their day job to get them from A to B. Because it’s a reliable income. Because they’ve been there for years and they know the workplace like the back of their hand – it’s ‘easy’.

But yet, their day job is tiring. Soul destroying. Uninspiring. Unaligned.


Very often we think that staying in our full time job until we have enough leverage in our business to quit, or at least go down to part time hours in our day job, is the only option available to us. But it’s not. In fact, this way of thinking often does us more harm than good because it keeps us stuck in something that does not serve us. We think that our day job is helping us get closer to our dream of self employment, but the tiredness, discontent and dissatisfaction we often feel, actually pulls us further away from this dream. 

We cannot show up in our own businesses in the open hearted and authentic way we want to, when we spend 40 hours a week working in a job we don’t love.


Put your hand up if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You’re too wrecked (physically, emotionally and spiritually) at the end of your 9 til 5 work day to show up in your own business

  • You’re scrambling to make ends meet – in your business and in your personal life. Very often you feel like you have too much on your plate and wonder how on earth you can juggle ‘all the things’ that are pulling you in a million different directions

  • You’re working in your business most weekends

  • Your self care is falling by the wayside

  • Instead of igniting a sense of passion, purpose and excitement, your day job leaves you feeling drained, lifeless and exhausted.

Honey, if this is you, then hear this .. it’s time for a change.


Of course it’s never going to be easy juggling a day job with running your own business, but it can be easier. And it can feel lighter, more spacious and more delicious. Imagine working in a day job that not only provided you with a reliable income, but also felt aligned, sparked your creativity, fuelled your imagination and gave you the energy and inspiration you needed to fully and authentically show up in your own biz after hours.


I know you thought your next step would be to leave your current 9 til 5 job and work for yourself. But I’m telling you, this may not be your next best step.  In fact, it may well be that your day job is actually moving you further away from your dream of self employment, rather than bringing you closer to it.


I want you to spend some time pondering the following questions:

What is keeping me in my current day job?

Is it worth it? Is it worth feeling (x, y and z) for? 

Is staying in this job actually helping me to achieve my goal of growing my business and working for myself?


I’ll leave this goodness for you to ponder sweetheart.