Let’s face it. Nothing beats an in-person event. 


Yes, cleverly crafted written words are lovely and yes, beautifully designed social media posts grab attention, but nothing matches the feeling of connecting with a fellow human in the flesh. 


To be embraced by their presence.

Engulfed in their energy.

Witness to their voice. Their laugh. Their quirks. 

Privy to their spontaneous story telling … 

… events are a gorgeous way of connecting more deeply with your tribe.


Think about it – are you more likely to remember a blog post you read two years ago, or an event you went to? Are you more likely to feel connected to someone through their written work, or through their physical presence?

Yep, I thought so. 

Today I want to share with you, five simple and free things you can do to create even greater events. Things that will guarantee more engagement, loyalty and eventually, referrals and sales. 

Don’t let the simplicity of these tools fool you. They are powerful beyond measure and offer you a profound opportunity to build a deeper and more meaningful connection with your ideal client. 


Here you have them honey … 


One: bring your event go-ers into the present moment. 

As I’m sure you yourself have experienced, just getting to an event can be stressful. There’s traffic; residual work stress; baby sitter prep; general life stuff; clocks-that-feel-like-they-are-against-you; etc. 

Fact: people can’t absorb information to their fullest potential when their energy is heightened and their mind, distracted. 

In order for your event go-ers to get as much value out of your event as possible, it’s imperative that you offer them an opportunity to release all that was and invite them to come into the present moment. 

The more present someone is, the more likely they are to engage with you and your content. And the more they do this, the more likely they are to remain loyal followers and clients of yours in the future. 



Two: include opportunities for your participants to get to know one another. 

‘But Che, they’re adults! Can’t they take responsibility for that themselves?’, you ask.

Yes honey, they are adults, but adults too have anxieties, fears and personalities that make it hard for them to step up, be brave and voluntarily put themselves in vulnerable positions. 

For some people, just getting themselves to your event will be a HUGE step that will require a great investment of energy and courage. Make it easy for these babes and gift them an opportunity to engage with their peers and have their anxieties eased. 

It doesn’t have to be time consuming and complicated. Consider short rapport building questions, conversation prompts like these Positive Thought Starters and opportunities to identify commonalities (perhaps the crew you brought together are Biz-Mums, small business owners or single women – use that!)

Not only will they make a friend, they’ll also be more likely to actively participate and share throughout the day/night, making your event a heck of a lot more interesting and your job, a heck of a lot easier!



Three: share stories.

There’s two points I want to make here … 

  1. People relate to stories far more than they relate to information, and

  2. Even the most practical of offerings can be complimented by the human element a story can offer.

Think back to your school or university experience. Whose teachings did you resonate with the most? The teacher who fed you power points and scripted words? Or the teacher who made the teachings come alive with personality and relevance? 

No matter what you’re sharing, there’s ALWAYS a way to incorporate stories that will make you more relatable, your teachings more memorable and your offerings, more appealing.



Four: don’t be salesy! 

It’s the norm these days for ads to bombard our social media feeds and for ‘free’ offerings to be laden with cheesy sales pitches. It’s everywhere, it’s tiring, and people are sick of it. 

Be warned honey – hours of planning and hosting an awesome event can be undone in seconds when a segue into a paid offering is not done tastefully. 

Yes, you deserve to earn a living doing what you love (heck yeah, you do!) and yes, you should use your events as a funnel into your other offerings, but give considered thought into how best to do this. Make sure it’s done in a way that is aligned with your personal and biz values. 

Instead of feeding your paid offering down your event go-ers throats, get creative and focus on adding value over making sales. The money will flow organically from there honey.



Five: start with your end goal. 

So often, we plan events without considering our end goal. We decide that we want to run an event (because events are awesome!) without giving considered thought as to why we want to use an event to connect with our audience. When we begin with our why, we’re better able to be (authentically) strategic about how we create our workshop and bring it to life.

Quite often, there’s a number of why’s.


Perhaps you want to build a sense of community amongst small business owners in Brisbane.

And perhaps you want to provide them with practical tools to help enhance their biz.

Maybe you want to create a safe space for them to share their fears and vulnerabilities with like minded peers. 

And maybe you also want to invite them, in a non-sleazy way, to invest in your paid biz offering. 


Start with these things, honey.

What can you do to achieve a, b, c and d, throughout the course of your event? What can you do to ensure that you AND your event go-ers are getting the most from your event as possible?


And there you have it honey. Five simple but biz enhancing ways to create even greater events. Most of all though, have fun! Life’s too short to do that which doesn’t bring us joy!