Aah, the good old how-do-I-get-everything-in-my-own-business-done-when-I’m-busy-working-full-time-for-someone-else debate.

It’s a tough one. Being productive and building and growing your business is important. But, when you work in a 9 til 5 job, this can be damn hard. 

I know, because I too juggled that struggle for many years. If you’re currently in that situation – know that I feel you and can empathise honey. But know too that where you are, right now, is exactly where you’re meant to be. It’s an essential part of your journey – one you need to be grateful for (hello, paid bills and food in the fridge!) and one you need to learn from and move through. If you’re struggling to maintain your sanity whilst juggling full time work with your own business, then this post may help!

Today, I want to chat business productivity and how we can have more of that good stuff when our time is limited. No, you’re never going to have as much time as you want to spend in your biz if you’re also working in a full time job (#keepingitreal #sorry) but one thing you can do is maximise the time you do have! And here’s my top tips for doing so …


Hire a Virtual Assistant. 

People have a tendency to think that hiring a Virtual Assistant is a luxury afforded only to those who have successful and established businesses of their own, but I call B.S. on that! Think about it: if you’re working full time in a secure and consistent paying job, you’re currently bringing in a good chunk of cash (more so than you will be later on down the track when you make the transition away from your day job – again, #keepingitreal #sorry). Hiring a VA is an investment in your business and one you could probably afford to do now, if you were to re-evaluate your priorities and put the growth of your biz at the top of that list. 

You can find out more about my Virtual Assistant Services here.


Stop scrolling social media. 

For real. Not only does social media strip us of our time, it also hurts our self esteem and strips us of our confidence (a not so killer combo!) Be intentional with the time you spend on social media. Set yourself time limits. Get in there, get the job done, and then get the heck out. Your biz, and schedule, will thank you for it!


Be intentional with the time you spend working in your biz. 

Switch off your phone. Use The Self Control app. Lock yourself away. Ask your partner to take the kiddies out for a short play at the park. Do whatever you need to do to ensure that minimal distractions cross your path. Sometimes, even just one hour spent intentionally and mindfully, can be more productive than a three hour distracted work sesh.


Dedicate a full day to working in your biz. 

I know you’re tired by the time the weekend rears it’s pretty little head but sometimes, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! For years, I would infrequently make dates with myself, head into the State Library and work on a Saturday.

Showing up on the daily in your business and getting the 'must-do' tasks ticked off your list (posting to social media, sending newsletters and responding to emails) is wonderful BUT doing these things in isolation won’t grow your business. At least not in any great hurry. Your business needs and deserve time allocated to growth and expansion. And if this is something you're not able to gift it, then call on me - your handy little VA and Copywriter magic fairy. Find out more about how I can help you here.


Be realistic with how much time you actually have. 

Maybe you only have 30 minutes a day to spend in your business – that’s okay! Working 8 hours a day for someone else plus ‘doing life’ is busy and tiring. Celebrate what you do get done, rather than negging on all the things you don’t get done (because lemme tell you – you’ll never get everything done! Even when you start working for yourself full time!)

You’re a champion, you’re in transition and one day, I promise you’ll look back and see just how pivotal this period of your life was. On this point – once you’ve assessed how much time you have, set yourself an achievable to do list. Bombarding yourself with tasks that not even a super human could get done in a short amount of time will leave you feeling sh!t – and that’s on you honey bun!


Look after yourself, and take time off when you need to. 

What your business needs, more than anything, is for you to be healthy and well (in all senses of the word). Sometimes this will mean trading in the laptop for family/friends/nature/spa time … AND THAT IS OKAY! In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s perfect and it’s essential. You’ll get to where you’re meant to go. Tread gently, be kind to yourself and trust!