Planning and running events is a big (but fun!) process full of lots of cogs that need to turn together in order to make it work. Yes it’s good and well to have a brilliant idea for an event, but if you can’t sell tickets, there’s no point (#bluntbiztruth)

Writing a compelling event sales page is one of these vital cogs that needs to stay well oiled and turning nicely in order for your business to grow and succeed.

I see a lot of event running babes make poor attempts at writing a compelling sales pages – even though the events they are hoping to bring to life are AMAZING and have the potential to be life changing!

This is damn shame because, simply and bluntly put, if your sales page is sh!t, no-one’s going to pay good money to go to your event. End of story.

‘What exactly makes a sales page sh!t’, you ask? Good question love. This definitely isn’t something they teach you at school so let me shed some light …


Here’s the mistakes I commonly see:

  • The copy not actually telling people what they’ll get out of attending, or what problem it will solve in their life

  • The copy being full of spelling and grammatical errors. Why would someone expect a quality event from a facilitator who doesn’t know the difference between their, they’re and there?!

  • The description being too darn long. They lose the reader in their waffle

  • The description being too darn brief. The reader has no idea what the event is actually about

  • The writer assuming the reader has prior knowledge about them, their business and their offerings (not everyone knows what emotional anatomy training or psychosomatic therapy is yo!)

  • The writer using words that may be foreign to a lay reader (such as energy, ayurvedic constitution, chakras, vibrational healing, etc.)

  • The copy being overtly salesy, seeming inauthentic and focussed only on making money. No one likes a sleazy car salesman type vibe honey!

‘Okay, so how do I write a compelling sales page then?!’, you ask? Another fab question chica!

Here’s my tip-top tips for writing a killer events sales page that gets tickets sold and bums on seats …

  • Write it as if you have no prior knowledge about the event and the teachings – yes, easier said than done but this is oh-so-important. You want people to be able to understand what brilliance you’re offering

  • Keep you target attendee in mind

  • Get a friend who knows nothing about your event to read over it and give you honest feedback

  • Ensure the title tells the reader what your event is actually about. With so much information on the internet, you need to grab your ideal attendees attention and let them know how your event is relevant to them, PRONTO!

  • Keep it concise. Respect the reader’s time and avoid ‘waffling’

  • Tell the reader what they can expect from attending – both at the event and afterwards (the tanglible benefits!)

  • Tell the reader how attending your event will change their life/solve a problem in their life.


Most of all, have fun with the process honey! Yes it can seem overwhelming but it’s just another glorious part of the event running journey – one that will become easier and feel more natural in time.

Let me know if you need a helping hand bringing your event sales page/s to life. I offer copywriting (I can do it for you!) and business mentoring (I can teach you!) and would be honoured to help you grow your business in this capacity.