When I first started journeying into the world of Online Business (it really is a big and confusing world!), I hated thinking and talking about my ideal client.

In group business courses, I avoided it. In one-on-one business coaching sessions, I avoided in. In conversations with biz babes, I avoided it.

I didn't see the point in considering who my ideal client was and thought it was a waste of time. Why think about my ideal client when I could be doing things to actually CONNECT with them? Like, writing blog posts and newsletters and posting to social media?

HA! Was I wrong.

You see, I've been foraying in the online world now for quite a few years. This is my forth attempt at creating a profitable online business - and it's the only one that's been successful (in the making money sense - each of those online spaces definitely gifted me other successes). And do you know why?

Because I FINALLY know who my ideal client is!

I FINALLY know who I'm talking to.

And what she wants to hear (yes, it's a she!)

And what she needs from me!

And ever since I figured this out ...

I've earned more money than I have in years (including my time in the corporate world) AND clients (not just any clients - my IDEAL clients) have come to me more easily than ever before. Has there still been a truckload of effort and setbacks? Yes, of course (#thisislife) but, all in all, things have unfolded freakishly smoothly.

I'll be honest and say that I sometimes look back on my retired businesses, giggle and ask myself what the f!ck I was doing. I had NO IDEA who I was serving and thus, my content, copy and messaging was ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. I made it IMPOSSIBLE for myself to succeed because I had no idea who I was speaking to and creating for. And because of this, I made very little money.

If you're speaking to the wrong people, they're not going to buy your products.

If you're speaking to the wrong people, they've not going to pay for your services.

If you're speaking to the wrong people, you're not going to make any money. And I don't care what anyone says, making money is where it's at because abundance + a career we LOVE = joy. 

In nearly EVERY business clarity coaching session I hold, I end up speaking about ideal clients with my ladies. And I'll be open and tell you that 90% of them don't know who their ideal client is. 

Knowing your ideal client is where your work needs to begin.

Whether you're brand new to business or have been in the game for a while (ESPECIALLY if you've been in the game for a while and are not making money!) investing time into considering your ideal client, IN DEPTH, is a must do.

With not one word of a lie, knowing who my ideal client is completely changed my business. And life (because income yo!)

I had the biggest earning week (in as long as I can remember - maybe even ever) the other week and I know that knowing who my ideal client is is one of the key things that got me there. 

(Of course there's many things that must come together in order for us to be successful, like consistency).

If you're serious about having a successful business, then I want you to grab your journal and ponder the following:


Who is my ideal client? Be as specific as possible!

Consider -

Their gender.


Income and what they do for work.

Where they hang out.

Who they hang out with.

What they do for fun.

What they value.

What agitates them.

Their relationship status.

Who they follow online. 

What they spend their money on.

What challenges they face.

What comes easily to them.

I could go on and on, but start here honey.


Now ask yourself honestly - IS THIS WHO I'M ACTUALLY TALKING TO?!

Your first response might be to say 'YES' but really challenge yourself to think about it. Are you REALLY talking to this person? Is this conveyed in the copy on your website and on your social media? Are the images you're posting appealing to your ideal client? Is it spelt out in your social media bio's?

I encourage you to spend a good couple of hours trawling through your online goodness doing this ideal client assessment honey. It really is THAT important!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this! Do you know who your ideal client is? And have you been connecting with him/her/them? Flick me a comment below! 

P.S. if you're someone who benefits from nutting these concepts out with someone, then I invite you to join me for a Business Coaching session. You can find out more here. My FREE biz audit tool will help you get on the right track too my love! You can get your hands on it here!