Repurpose content and save time

If you’re a regular around these parts, you’ll know that creating less but connecting more is something I’m uber passionate about. For me these days, my focus is less about creating brand new social media, blog and newsletter content, and more about repurposing the awesomeness I already have, and that my tribe has resonated with in the past. Not only does this save me time, it also helps me be more consistent, visible and allows me to direct my creative energy into other, more profitable projects and tasks.

When I suggest repurposing content to other babes in biz, I’m often met with a blank and confused face. One - because subconsciously, many of us have been programmed to believe that we need to be constantly creating new content in order to be successful and two - because many women, on a practical level, don’t actually know how to repurpose their content. #whichiswhyimhere

Let me be clear - when I speak of repurposing content, I am not referring to reposting old content (for example, posting the same blog post or sending out the same newsletter with a different date on it) but rather, using the bones of a piece to create new content.

You might do this for two reasons:

  • To keep sending people back to an original piece of content (ideally that links to an opt-in or your paid offerings), or

  • To maintain visibility and share content regularly, without you have to put in a huge amount of time and expend copious amounts of creative energy.


So let’s get cracking beauty! Here’s some practical and easy ways to repurpose your content …


  • Whenever you write a blog post, write some accompanying social media posts to go alongside it. This means that you can keep sharing this blog post over the coming weeks/months rather than it being a once off share (because investing hours into creating a blog post and only sharing it once is a waste of time my friend).

  • Have a section in your regular newsletter dedicated to sharing and linking to old (but still super useful and relevant) content.

  • Consider doing an end-of-month ‘wrap up’ newsletter in which you share and link to the content you’ve created that month (it doesn’t matter if you don't have a huge amount of content to share, what matters is that you’re re-sharing your content often!)

  • Choose two of your most popular blog posts and re-write them, looking at the topic from a different perspective, or honing in on a new focus point.

  • Extract the key points from your most popular blog posts and turn them into social media posts.

  • Look through your old newsletters and see which of them can be repurposed into blog posts (and vice versa!)

  • Choose a few of your most popular Instagram and/or Facebook lives and repurpose them into new content (think: blog posts, social media copy, newsletters) and vice versa.

  • Resend your newsletters to the people on your mailing list who did not open them initially. This is something I always do a few days after I send out a new newsletter. This can very easily be done on a platform such as Mailchimp (okay, so this tip isn't strictly about repurposing old content, but it is about being savvy!)


Remember …

Investing hours in creating a piece of content but only sharing it once across your platforms is a complete and utter waste of your time and energy.

Your pieces should always link to something, preferably something that will make you money, such as your newsletter list (research shows that people on our newsletter list and more likely to engage and invest in us) or paid offerings.


If any of this sounds like another language, or you need regular support on your team to bring these tasks to life, then holla honey! Hit me up here and let me know what you need! Not sure what you need? That's okay too! Let's connect and see how I can support you to repurpose your content and grow your business my love!