What is a sales funnel

In a nutshell, a sales funnel is a collection of content you put together to take a potential paying client on a journey through your business.

Typically, this journey starts with offering your ideal client something free, and ultimately leads them to purchasing something from you (or in some cases, SIMPLY giving you their email address).

All of the successful women you admire in business would have sales funnels set up in their businesses.

The marketing agency that offers free ‘quickie’ social media audits to get you to sign up to their done-for-you services? That’s a sales funnel.

The meditation and yoga teacher who offers a free workshop to get people along to her Bali retreat? That’s a sales funnel.

The breathwork facilitator who offers a free video download to get people to sign up to her online course? That’s a sales funnel.

The relationships coach who offers a free ebook to get people to sign up her email list? Yep, that too is a sales funnel.

So why would do biz babe needs a sales funnel? Why SHOULDN’t they just offer a freebie, or a paid product in isolation?

Well, they could - but they’re unlikely to be as successful as they would be if they had a sales funnel in place.


Because freebies in your sales funnels give people a delicious ‘taste’ of what you have to offer. Think about it - how often have you invested in a high price point service or e-course from someone whose work you aren’t familiar with? My guess is never (or if so, then very rarely!) It’s not often that we scroll social media, see a post for a $500 course from someone we’ve never invested in before and go ahead and hand over our money willy-nilly. It’s basic human psychology - we need proof that what they are going to give us, in exchange for our money, is worth it.

As well as this, my experience is that many babes in biz make the following assumption - if people love what I share on social media, or if I gift them a freebie, they’ll go ahead and explore my paid offerings of their own volition. Sorry to tell you honey - but rarely does that happen.

People are flooded with information these days. Heck, I’ll be honest and share that I don’t know what 80% of the businesses I follow on social media do and what they offer. On top of this, it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to take precious time out of my day to investigate further unless I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dig what they do.

Most of the time, people need to have your offerings put right in front of their faces in order for them to notice you. And to notice you, they need to be enticed with a freebie that makes them stop and pay attention. Once we draw them in with a freebie (that is 100% relevant to them and solves a pain point in their lives) and they hand over their email address to us, we can stay in more intimate contact with them than platforms like Instagram or Facebook allow.

It’s about relationship building.

It’s about trust building.

It’s about proving that we’re credible and knowledgeable.

As I shared in this article, many soulful women in business have some resistance to implementing sales funnels in their businesses saying that they feel ‘too masculine’ and ‘too structured and regimented’. What these women fail to see is:

  • How much free and low cost content you give to people who join your funnel

  • How effective sales funnels can be at generating wealth in your business

  • How the generation of wealth can help you continue to serve, change lives and do more of what you love (there’s nothing wrong with earning money, honey!)

If this is a belief you share, I encourage you to dig deeper and explore this resistance. Like I said, all the successful business women you admire in business are likely to have sales funnels set up and it is possible to take a masculine framework (like a sales funnel) and infuse it with femininity and heart. I wrote more about this here.

I’ll be back next time to teach you how to take action and set up a sales funnel in your business.

If you’re:

  • raring to go in bringing a sales funnel of your own to life, but don’t know where to start, or

  • have a sales funnel strategy in place but need someone to create the content for you

… I’d love for you to reach out by hitting me up at hello(at)chejohnson.com.au. Sales funnels are a critical part of any business. Let’s set about bringing yours to life beauty!

Here’s to take heart centred intentional action,

Che. X