Let me tell you a story about why I left my career as a Social Worker and my permanent 9 til 5 job to my own business …


When I first graduated from high school, I went straight to University and studied a Bachelor of Social Work. As someone who’s always been compassionate, emotionally aware, and interested in human behaviour, the choice to pursue a career as a Social Worker was not a hard one for me. 

And it was a great career. One that spanned 10 years. One that offered great diversity. One that paid well. One that connected me with life long friends. 

The thing though was this – although I always enjoyed Social Work, I never actually loved it. Yes, the work was great (for the most part). Yes, I loved helping people.  Yes, it felt aligned with my values and morals. But under the surface, something always felt a little ‘off’. In fact, I job hopped a lot in an attempt to find my niche and resolve my feeling of ‘offness’ … but that feeling never went away. 

In late 2015, when I was feeling particularly dissatisfied in my job, I made a decision to leave the world of Social Work and travel. For the next 18 months I embraced fun-employment and journeyed throughout America, Canada and Mexico. 


That trip changed me. 


That trip helped me realise that there’s more to life than working in a job you don’t love. 

There’s more to life than a job title. 

There’s more to life than uninspiring sameness and routine. 

There’s more to life than your stock standard 9 til 5 job. 


Yes, some people are very happy working in 9 til 5 corporate jobs. But I’m not that gal. 


I love creating things I want to create, not what others want me to create. 

I love working on something that feels like an extension of my Soul. 

I love not having to set an alarm in the morning. 

I love being able to curl up in bed when I have my period and my body is crying out for me to rest. 

I love being able to catch up with friends for a chai latte on a Thursday at 11AM. 

I love not having to drive in peak hour traffic. 

I love being able to go for midday walks in the sunshine. 




If this too is what you crave then I’d love to help you my love. 


Because as beautiful as all these perks are, I’ll be real and say that the journey is really f!cking hard and that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the amazing mentors and coaches I’d utilised along the way. 

Taking a (societal) detour is scary, and sometimes we need someone beside us who’s been there and done that to hold our hand, guide us and tell us that pursuing our dreams is worth all the confusion and self doubt. 

Doing something ‘against the norm’ (ya-hoo!) takes guts and sometimes we need someone beside us who can validate and encourage us to continue. 

Turning away from your life as you knew it, into something fresh, takes courage and sometimes we need someone beside us to light the path ahead. 


I’d love to be that person for you.


I’m passionate about working with aspiring and new biz babes who are ready to create a life on their terms. Who are ready to build a business that feels fun and aligned and lights them up. Who are ready to go against the grain and live their own version of happy. 

And I offer one off coaching sessions to do just these things!


If the dream of owning a thriving business or growing your current business is pulling at your heart strings then coaching with me is for you, my love. Let’s sit down together and dream, scheme, plan and put things in motion. Let’s start bringing your wildest dreams to life!