Do you have a brilliant idea for an opt-in, ebook or online course you know your audience will love, but no time to actually WRITE the thing?

Do you have an e-resource or online course you desperately need help spreading the word about, getting you opt-ins and making you money?

Are you struggling to be consistently visible and create new content for your website or newsletter?

Do you need a helping hand getting all of your awesome ideas  out of your head, and on to 'paper' so that you can start making money?

I can help you honey! My content creation packages will take your business to the next level by increasing your visibility, establishing trust with your ideal clients and growing your business into one that you love and is financially abundant.





A VA is a magic helper fairy who works behind the scenes in your business. She takes care of all the things you dread doing. All the things that suck your time and energy. All the things you're not good at. All the things that pull you away from what you should be doing - aka GROWING your business (not just making ends meet!) and looking after yourself (because an unhealthy biz owner equals an unhealthy biz!)


Including, but not limited to:


:: Opt-in creation

:: Ebook creation 

:: Newsletter writing

:: Nurture sequence creation

:: Blog post writing

:: Article submissions to online publications

:: Resource creation 

:: Editing and updating existing ebooks and resources

... and lots more.



Including, but not limited to:


:: Email filtering and management

:: Inputting and scheduling blog posts and newsletters

:: Managing your calendar and commitments

:: Proofing and formatting documents

:: Invoicing and payment tracking

:: Simple design (using Canva)

:: Creating questionnaires

:: Customer care

:: Creating and scheduling newsletter nurture sequences

:: Appointment scheduling

:: Basic financial reconciliation

... and lots more.





Feeling stuck or stagnant in your biz and don't know 'where to from here?'

Need some help bringing a sha-weet offering for your tribe to life?

Have no idea how to promote something awesome you've created?

Need to implement a content plan but don't where to start?

Have no idea how the heck to speak to your ideal client online? 


emme help you out Sister!

Let's meet in person (if you live in lovely Brisbane!) or on Skype and get you some biz clarity honey! I'm here to help:


:: you figure out what the *F* you're doing so you can make more money doing what you love

:: give you the tools and support you need to grow your business into one you love and that is profitable

:: reignite your creativity

:: get you inspired to think bigger!