“Everything is absolutely fabulous! I’m doing a high kick right now - I literally just got off my chair and did one! It’s my simile for when I’m crazy happy, and you have made me crazy happy.”
— Fern from Ruby and Ivy
“The article you write for me was featured on Babyology! I was checking because I had a pile of new subscribers! WHOOP! Thanks girl!”
— Nicole Mathieson
I love my new website pages! It’s like you own my brain - you know what’s up. What I struggle to say you can just spit it out and I f!cking love that about you. I really appreciate you and everything you do for me. I’m super, super happy!
— Crystal from Crystal Skin Secret


I'd had "Write guest blog post for online magazine" on my to do list for about a year. I knew it was an important part of my marketing plan but I could just never seem to carve out the time to sit down and write. So I sought out Che to help craft some posts for me. And she completely knocked it out of the park. From research to final submission, Che thought of everything. She made it so so easy, and it was such a relief to finally tick off something that had been bugging me for months. Che is the consummate professional - helpful, articulate and kind. If you need copywriting services, get her brain on your team now! - Tahlee from Sonesence

Oh I adore you! What you’ve written is beyond what I imagined! And the leadpage copy is perfect too! Thanks for creating so much ease, its been a gift to have you working behind the scenes to keep the creative momentum going.
— Alisha from Alisha Rose
I got your draft for the course - I love everything! It sounds so good! It’s all spot on! It’s great! I’m very excited!
— Caryna from Private Label Skincare
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.48.48 pm.png

Che writes my weekly blogs and newsletters and has been a godsend for me. I've always struggled to share consistently in my business and I'm so grateful to have Che there to help me with this. I make dot points throughout the week noting what I'd love to talk about, and Che transforms that information into a post and newsletter. Thanks to Che, I know that what I want to say will always get relayed back to my client list. She is a beautiful soul with great insight into what to write without too much direction and I am so grateful to have found her - Christiana from Just Breathe Soul

I always have girls ask about my blogs - you have no idea how amazing you are and how much easier you make everything! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR and I want to cry every time you do your magic! I would be lost without you!
— Crystal from Crystal Skin Secret

As a solopreneur, I have a long list of ideas but limited time to bring those grand ideas to life. Enter Che (aka. the best investment I have made in my business to date). When Che fearlessly took one of those half-started projects off my hands, I breathed a sigh of relief. Enthusiastic and big-hearted, this babe has got the smarts to back it up. She understood my business vision and was able to craft heart-based marketing material which spoke to my audience. Like I said, Best. Investment. Ever. Got a to-do list as long as your arm? Let Che share the load - Georgina from Vitalita Yoga

Che, I am loving everything so far! Thank you, you are so gifted! I love having the opportunity to get to borrow the best of both of our voices to articulate what’s in my heart for my website and the women who will encounter it. I’m feeling full of HOPE!
— Jules from Jules Webber
Nat from Every Body Beautiful

Che is such a joy to work with! She is well organised, reliable and produces beautiful work of a high standard. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

- Natalie Jones from Every Body Beautiful

I cannot recommend the amazing work Che does enough. She was able to pull everything out of my head and put it into words. I feel so grateful to have worked with someone who felt so aligned with what I was trying to create. The whole process was so effortless and completed so timely.
— Lacey from Blissfully Nourished