Sometimes in life, we are faced with the task of making a choice.


We’re at a crossroads, with two (or maybe more!) different paths stretched out in front of us. Each providing us with different pro’s and con’s. Different outcomes. Potentially, a different future.

And this can be confusing and overwhelming.

Sometimes the option that is ‘right’ for you at that particular point in time, will be obvious. Other times however, the ‘right’ option will be less clear.

Some choices may have you choosing between the comfortable familiar and the scary unknown. Between stable security and freeing vulnerability. Between a clearly trodden path and the road less taken. Between your head and your heart.

This was the situation I was faced with recently when I was unexpectedly offered a job (which, don’t get me wrong I was flattered by and grateful for!)


Let me give you a bit of background for those who don’t know me (I’ll keep a long story, short) …

In late 2016, I came back from the trip of a lifetime – 16 months of unplanned travel through the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It was a period of my life full of adventure, spontaneity and Soul connection. I embarked on my journey for many reasons . To shake sh!t up; to learn to fall in love with the unknown; to break free of the restraints of what society told/tells me (and you) I should and should not do and, perhaps more than anything, to figure out what I wanted to do with my life from a career point of view. When I returned to Oz, it was with the intention of getting my business off the ground and to make the lifestyle changes I needed to, to make it a reality.


This of course meant not going back to a full time job.

Living a life that looks very different to what the life of a (then) 31 year old ‘should’ look like. 

Accepting and embracing a life of frugality, at least in the short(ish) term.

Embracing all the scary feels that newness and uncertainty gift us.

Being courageous enough to step outside the box and live life on my terms.


But this unexpected job offer had me forgetting all of this in an instant because with it came more money, more stability and more of what I knew and felt comfortable with. And for a moment in time, I made up my mind to say a big fat, ‘YES’.


Until my loves reminded me of a few very important things …

  • that decisions should only ever be made from the heart NOT the head and the ego
  • that security does NOT equal happiness
  • that my intention for being in this world is to create a life I love – even if that life looks different to what most people label as ‘normal’ and the ‘right path’.


And so I said, ‘No thank you’. To a job that would have taken me off my right path. To the extra dollar-dollar-bills-yo. To a future that was predictable and clear.

And I thanked the Universe for gifting me an opportunity to be reminded of my mission.


Perhaps for you, it’s not a job offer. Perhaps it’s the relationship that feels good and safe but not quite right. The day-to-day routine that has you putting your dreams of travelling and exploring the world on hold. The feeling of general shitty-ness that has you immobilised with apathy and stagnancy.

But you always have a  choice, honey. Always.

To keep on taking the easy road/doing the same thing/choosing what you know. Or, to tune in to what feels right for you no matter how hard/uncomfortable/challenging it may feel.

Yes, walking down Easy Street may be nice in the short term but I ask you this – how will you feel five years down the track when you realise just how long you’ve been neglecting your Truth?

It’s never too late to change. It’s never too late to choose something different.


Here’s to living a courageous life,

Che. X