I love me a good podcast! Hand me my sneakers and pop a podcast in my ears of a morning and it’s guaranteed to be a good day.


With so many amazing and inspiring podcasts out there though, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why I’m gifting you a list of five podcasts I love and listen to religiously. The extra cool bit? All of them are hosted by Aussie gals – three of whom are Queenslanders (which is where I'm from!)

I hope they inspire your Being and heal your Heart and Soul as much as they have mine, sweet lady.

Untangled by Alana Helbig

Untangled is, hands down, my favourite podcast. Every single episode captures my heart and inspires me to get to know myself more – to embrace the light and the dark; the highs and the lows; the clarity and the confusion. I love the raw honesty of Alana and her guests and I admire their bold commitment to living their Truth.

P.P.S. a number of years ago Alana interviewed me on her old podcast. Have a listen here.

Unbreakable by Nicole Mathieson

Unbreakable is real, authentic and heart centered. I love the depth of Nicole’s interviews, her ability to crack her guests wide open and the fearless (emotional) generosity of her interviewees.

Have a listen to one of my favourite interviews from Unbreakable (with fellow Aussie gal, Tahlee Rouillon).

Rock Your Goals by Sarah Jensen

This podcast is one of my faves for Babes in Biz. Rock Your Goals offers practical and heart centered advice and Sarah’s beautiful spirit reminds us that business (and life!) is meant to be fun and inspired.

Sarah interviewed Nicole (from Unbreakable – above!) about business failures in what was one of my favourite Rock Your Goals episodes. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Awaken Radio with Connie Chapman

Awaken Radio was my very first introduction to the world of podcasts. I adore Connie’s interviews and her ability to balance her down-to-earth ‘girl next door’ vibe with depth and openness. You can’t go wrong with Awaken Radio. If you’re a babe you digs soulful living and wellness, you’ll love it!

Sisters in the Spotlight by Bec from Soul Sister Circle

Sisters in the Spotlight is another podcast you can’t help but be inspired by. Bec’s own commitment to listening to, and honoring her intuition, and living a life of Truth, shines through in her podcast interviews. The ladies Bec puts in the spotlight are killin’ it and their personal journey’s encourage us to keep dreaming big, moving forward and believing in ourselves.

P.S. Here’s my favourite Sisters in the Spotlight podcast interview between Bec and Emma Seibold from Barre Beauty.
P.P.S. Bec runs AMAZING Soul Sister Circle events on the Gold Coast. Be sure to keep an eye on her and her work!