The words you share on your website play a powerful part in converting your website visitors into paying (and later, loyal and ongoing) clients - and that’s why you’re in business, is it not?!  While it’s all good and well to have a beautifully designed website (which you should!), there’s absolutely no point if the copy on your site isn’t up to par. Sh!tty copy (yep, I said it!) speaks volumes and often leads visitors to assume, ‘this woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about’ and ‘I won’t get value for money if I choose to invest in her’. #harshbuttrue.

Well written copy helps you:

  • build a relationship (which is so important!)

  • convey how you can help your reader resolve their pain points or bring pleasure/joy/awesomeness into their life

  • highlight your superpowers

  • portray your personality and your beautiful ‘you-ness’ (which is what sets you apart from the rest honey!), and

  • establish your authority as an expert.

Each of these elements are imperative, when it comes to generating leads, converting people into paying clients and building a sustainable business.

“The moment I looked up Che's website - I knew right away that I had to work with this woman. I instantly felt her warmth, joy, words and her heart.” - Jen from Let Light In. This is what one of my website visitors turned clients said about her experience of landing on my site. Beautifully written copy takes the hard work out of your job because before they even speak to you then know that you’re the support person for them!

If you need help birthing your new site, or if your existing copy needs some lovin’, I invite you to fill in this form so we can see whether or not we’re a good fit!

Investment: From $1600AUD for a full website write. Individual page writing is also available.


Opt-ins are a generous gift we offer our followers, in exchange for their email address and permission to send them newsletters. Building your newsletter list is of utmost importance because it’s one of the few communication tools you have complete control over . Unlike social media, you don’t have to concern yourself with externally imposed changes to algorithms when it comes to your newsletters (which we know has thrown many a spanner in the works for us biz babes in the past!) 

Many women invest a HUGE amount of time and energy into keeping up their Instagram and Facebook accounts, but neglect their newsletter lists because they are time poor. They see their newsletters as being one of the least important things they need to tend to in their business. But this is all wrong sweet thing. In fact, I'm going to be so bold as to say that growing and nurturing your newsletter list is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be doing. And it's essential to the growth and financial success of your business.

Biz Queen, Jenna Kutcher says that “a message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook” and “72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email”. She also says that “66% of consumers have made a purchase from an email” and “emails generate 174% more conversions than social media”.

The ladies behind the successful Two Girls and a Laptop add that those you convert into paying customers from your newsletter list spend three times as much as those converted from Facebook.

It’s for these reasons that regularly creating new opt-ins, which direct people to sign up to your newsletter list, is imperative to the growth and longevity of your business.

You can find out more about my opt-in creation packages by emailing me at

Investment: Quarterly opt-in creation from $450 per quarter.

Add ons include:

  • social media ‘snippet’ writing to help you share your opt-in

  • blog post related to your new opt-in

  • content strategy sessions to help you get clear on what opt-ins you need to create in your business.


Despite the advancement and popularity of video’s and podcasts, blogs continue to stand the test of time and be a powerful way to connect with your ideal client. Look at the website of any uber successful person in business and you’ll see consistent content sharing via a regularly updated blog. Why? Because blog posts:

  • help drive traffic to your website (and traffic to your website means eyes on your services and offerings honey!)

  • are a powerful way to gift your ideal client advice/teachings/ponderings that will benefit them (and in turn, make them see that they need to invest in you to improve their life!)

  • help to establish you as an authority in your field

  • offer endless opportunities to raise your SEO rating and get you seen in Google searches.

Because blog posts don’t generate immediate income (as say, a paid product does), many business babes put them on the back burner and de-value their worth and importance. What many forget is this - the majority of new leads won’t purchase from you if you haven’t yet established your credibility through your free offerings. They first need proof that you are worth investing in! Blog posts therefore, form an extremely important part of the marketing and relationship building strategy in your business. Without them, you’re not likely to see the conversions you need in order for your business to grow and be sustainable.

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages available.

Investment: From $150 per post.

Add ons include:

  • social media ‘snippet’ writing to help you share your blog posts on your social media platforms

  • newsletters promo writing to help you share your blog posts in your newsletters

  • content strategy sessions to help you get clear on what content you need to be sharing in your blog posts.