I'm so excited to connect with you, serve you and help bring a sense of ease and joy into your business. 

You can find out more about me here.

It's my job to do the work you and your business need to grow - so you can stop doing the tasks you avoid doing, hate doing or simply aren't good at (but know you really should be doing in order to grow your biz!) and generally, just have more space in your life.

The majority of my work centres around writing for people - writing their blog posts, newsletters, e-books, e-resources, etc. etc. 

I LOVE it and my clients tell me that I do a pretty darn good job!

I adore working with creatives, coaches and teachers in the health, wellness and personal development world, who are shining their light and changing people's lives! So if this is you, reach out!

Here's what some other babes have to say about our work together:


I'd had "Write guest blog post for online magazine" on my to do list for about a year. I knew it was an important part of my marketing plan but I could just never seem to carve out the time to sit down and write. So I sought out Che to help craft some posts for me. And she completely knocked it out of the park. From research to final submission, Che thought of everything. She made it so so easy, and it was such a relief to finally tick off something that had been bugging me for months. Che is the consummate professional - helpful, articulate and kind. If you need copywriting services, get her brain on your team now! 

– Tahlee from Sonescence

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.19.54 pm.png

I’ve been working with Che for a few months, I found her just when I needed her… I was losing time, spending it going between tasks and just generally being forgetful. Che came in and it was like clouds parted and I could see the sky again! She has not just given me increased productivity, better flow in my work and more time for creativity, but she has given me the gift of stress free time with my girls and husband again, not constantly worrying about what I have forgotten to do. She is an absolute angel to me!

Ange from The Gratitude Project 


Che writes my weekly newsletters and has been a godsend for me. I've always struggled to send out consistent newsletters in my business and I'm so grateful to have Che there to help me with them. I make dot points throughout the week noting what I'd love to talk about, and Che transforms that information into a newsletter. Thanks to Che, I know that what I want to say will always get relayed back to my client list. She is a beautiful soul with great insight into what to write without too much direction and I am so grateful to have found her. 
Christiana from Just Breathe Soul

Your FREE content audit tool ...

Review and Renew! 

Review and Renew is a 21 page audit resource that will help you take an objective look at the content you're creating in your business and assess whether or not you're hitting or missing the mark.

The tool will help you get crystal clear on WHO you're talking to and WHAT you're saying to them. What I see too often in the businesses of the women I work with is that there's an incongruency between who they want to be working with and what they're communicating via their content (newsletters, social media, You Tube, blog posts, podcasts, etc.) And when there's an incongruency you simply CANNOT succeed - because the people you want to be connecting with won't resonate with your message!