I'm a big hearted and marketing savvy Copywriter who crafts soulful copy that sells.


I create content for wellness entrepreneurs and business owners who want to sell from the heart, gift their followers consistent content and grow their businesses. I adore writing for and supporting women whose businesses are an extension of their heart and soul, and who are shining their light and changing people’s lives in their own special way.

I’ve loved words since I was a young girl. In fact, one of my happiest childhood memories (and perhaps lamest - haha) is sitting with my Mum and learning new words on flashcards. I always had a book in my hand and, as I grew, a journal in my handbag.

My journey to copywriting wasn’t linear and, in fact, quite surprising. To cut a long story short, I was a Social Worker for nearly a decade, but never really loved it. In an effort to ‘get out’ and discover what I was truly passionate about, I started a personal blog that was heavily focussed on sharing my journey with personal development, spirituality and living life ‘outside the box’. Fast forward a few years and online businesses and you’ll come to the day that changed everything - the day when a gal who had been following me online for years asked to pay me to create a piece of content for her.

From there, I’ve never looked back! I’ve taken my love of writing heart centered copy, my deep understanding of human psychology (thanks Social Work and the $20K debt I accrued!) and my years of experience building online businesses and created this virtual home you find yourself visiting right now (I’m so happy to have you here by the way!)

I have a knack for writing copy that touches hearts and converts READERS INTO PAYING CLIENTS. I’m damn good at capturing the essence of brands, and the beauties behind the brands. I’m super skilled at taking a vague idea of what someone wants to convey and crafting an epic piece of content.

Here's what some other babes have to say about our work together:

Oh my gosh Che - you are amazing! Wow, my heart. I’m actually shaking a little. I am floored. I love it … phwoar. The words you’ve written for my About Page make me feel seen and heard. You’ve said things I could never have said about myself but that hold me so deeply. Thank you, thank you

— - Alana from Wildflower Creative
Che has an amazing calm energy that I love. I was reluctant to hire anyone in my business but I instantly felt at ease with Che. She’s been a part of my business for over a year now and I honestly don’t know how I managed without her. She’s helped me create a number of online courses, resources and email sequences. I’d be lost without her
— Caryna from Private Label Skincare
Che writes my weekly newsletters and has been a godsend for me. I’ve always struggled to send out consistent newsletters in my business and I’m so grateful to have Che there to help me with this. I make dot points throughout the week noting what I’d love to talk about, and Che transforms that information into a newsletter. Thanks to Che, I know that what I want to say will always get relayed back to my client list. She is a beautiful soul with great insight into what to write without too much direction and I am so grateful to have found her
— Christiana from Just Breathe Soul

Che Johnson copywriter

Sharing and offering value consistently in your biz is essential to its growth. I’m here to help you serve your community and maintain your sanity in the process!

I can write and edit …

Website copy

 Blog posts


Online courses

Nurture sequences




Pretty much everything - the only thing I won’t write is social media copy because it simply ain’t my jam!

I'm here to gift you more time; help you connect with your sweet followers consistently; sell and make the big bucks you deserve; and put a sense of ease, spaciousness and fun back into your business.


You can find out more about my services here

and see examples of my work here.

Now, on a non copywriting note, you might also be interested to know that I’m …

:: about to go and live in my bus with my partner and travel around Australia indefinitely (my laptop is coming of course! You can follow our journey here)

:: an INFJ

:: a gal who spent 9 months living and working at a yoga school in Mexico. #lifechanging

:: a lover of all things self love, self care, slow living, personal alignment and expansion!

:: someone who's run women's circles, personal development events, biz events and retreats in her time

:: a big smiler. A lovely American once said to me, ‘Damn girl, your smile’s so big it could light up the whole of New York!’ HA!

Thanks for being here. I’m excited to create magic with you!

Che. X