sales funnels feminine

Sales funnels are a must have in any business, but sadly, many big hearted biz babes who want to run their business soulfully don’t have them. They tell me it’s because sales funnels:

  • Are a dishonest way of sharing your offerings

  • Feel inauthentic

  • Come across as being sleazy and manipulative.

One woman went so far as to tell me that she believed they ‘dishonoured a feminine way of working’.

I personally know many successful women in business. I also follow many successful women online who I admire and look up to. Some are life coaches, yoga teachers and meditation teachers. Others are business coaches, relationship coaches and social media managers. All of them make a tonne of money and are genuine, authentic women with h-u-g-e hearts. All of them have sales funnels set up in their businesses.

But let’s back track because I know that some women reading this may not even know what a sales funnel is (if you’re a woman in biz who doesn’t know what a sales funnel is then it’s time to prioritise it on your ‘to-learn-so-my-business-can-grow’ list).

Put very simply, a sales funnel is a combination of content you put together to take a potential paying client on a journey through your business.

It starts with you giving them something free, and eventually leads to you offering them something awesome, that adds value to their life, to purchase.

Sales funnels gift you a structured way to build a relationship, gain trust and establish credibility with your ideal client/customer. Although they’re strategic and formulaic, they offer lots of scope for personalisation and heart. They also offer your followers LOADS of free content ad are heavily focussed on serving.

I think there’s a big misconception about what sales funnels have to ‘look like’ that has been fed and modelled to us by outdated traditional approaches to marketing. We think they have to look like:

  • Webinars where the host talks about their paid offering for 30 minutes at the end

  • ‘Trip wires’ where you get offered a huge discount if you buy. right. NOW!

  • A bombarding of emails in your inbox. ‘Just 2 days left!’. ‘Just 1 day left!’. ‘Just 1 hour left!’

No, even to me, the sales funnel advocate, those types of approaches to marketing make me squirm and put me off purchasing.

To me, a ‘well done’ sales funnel:

  • Has a beautiful intention behind it (not to just make money and make more money)

  • Gifts LOTS of freebies

  • Doesn’t bombard people or pressure them to purchase

  • Focusses on serving and enhancing lives

  • Is transparent, genuine and free from hidden agendas

  • Builds connection and reciprocity.

Simply through offering these things we are honouring the divine feminine because she too values:







… all of which can be infused into and prioritised in our sales funnel.

Things don’t have to be black and white in business.

We can merge the masculine with the feminine.

The strategy with the heart.

The planning with the intuition.

The doing with the feeling.

In fact, when we do this - when we harness the intrinsics strengths of both ways of creating - our business thrives.

Over the coming months I’m going to adventure further into the land of sales funnels (done femininely and from the heart) with you. If you’re:

  • raring to go in bringing a sales funnel of your own to life, but don’t know where to start, or

  • have a sales funnel strategy in place but need someone to create the content for you,

… I’d love for you to reach out by hitting me up at hello(at) Sales funnels are a critical part of any business and I’d be honoured to help you bring yours to life.

Here’s to doing business differently,

Che. X