Ebbs and Flows in Business and Life

As I write this, it’s 4PM on a Tuesday. I’m sitting in bed with my laptop - a place I only ever find myself working when I’m not feeling 100%. I just woke from a long nap after going to an acupuncture appointment this morning. It’d be fair to say that, in the patriarchal sense of the word, I haven’t been very productive today. In fact, thanks to some health challenges, I haven’t been very productive for a good six weeks now.

When I’m in full health I’m energetic, focussed and look forward to working each day. Most often, I’ll happily tap away at my keyboard for 5+ hours without complaint. I get epic content created easily and will happily fill my calendar with writing work that excites and inspires me.

When I’m not in full health work feels quite hard. Midday naps become my norm, I have to take long breaks between copywriting jobs (because I always want to show up as my best and most creative self for my clients) and nearly everything else in my business, apart from writing, goes on hold, simply because I’m all outta energy.

I’m someone who aspires to embrace life’s lows with as much appreciation as I embrace its highs. Although I definitely don’t have an equal love of both ends of the spectrum, I do try my best to accept when I’m feeling off, trust that it’s all part of the Divine Plan and honour what my body needs by taking naps, sleeping in and slowing down. I won’t bullsh!t you though, this can feel incredibly hard some days, especially when people are shining on social media (and so they should be - go you, you shiny thing!) and slowing down completely contradicts mainstream society’s beliefs about what it takes to run a successful business.

Have you had a period/periods in your business where, for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to ‘show up’ in your full capacity?

How did you feel about this? Were you plagued with self deprecation and guilt, or did you find a way to embrace and honour what was unfolding?

I share this because, unfortunately, there’s a tendency for us business folk to only share our highlight reels. Because of this, we often think that there’s something wrong with us, and we freak the *f* out, when our inspiration and creativity go AWOL. I’m here to remind you that it’s okay to feel sh!t/uninspired/uncreative and to need to tap out of your business from time to time. Ebbs and flows are natural and the best way for you to ensure the longevity of your business (and your wellbeing) is to tune in, and give yourself what you need. Let’s face it, without you there is no business so pushing yourself to the limits and jeopardising your wellbeing isn’t doing your business any favours.

Here’s to riding the waves with grace,

Che. X

P.S. The piccie I shared above is from a recent retreat I went on in Bali. Talk about embracing the ebbs and nurturing yourself!