In my work, I have the deep pleasure and honour of working alongside some of the most heart centred and successful babes in the wellness industry. Today, I want to share with you five things I’ve seen my most successful clients do, that have helped them grow their businesses exponentially and achieve massive financial success this year.

They show up consistently and intentionally

I harp on about consistency and intentionality all the time, and that’s because … it works! My most successful clients run businesses that are an extension of their heart and soul and they are in there, every damn (week)day, doing the work. Although they have a nourishing life outside of work (more on that next), when they’re working in their business they’re ‘on’ - no faffing about, no wasting time and no B.S. They’re engaging, creating, producing and showing up in a way that is on point and speaks straight to the heart and needs of their ideal client each and every time.

They prioritise self care

We all know how hard it is to achieve a work-life balance when you work for yourself - but these successful babes prioritise it! They’ve been in the game long enough to know that over-extending yourself in your business does NOT result in long term success.

These gals switch off on the weekends. They speak kindly to themselves. They respect their energy and feminine cycles. They move their bodies and fill them with fresh goodness. They spend time with and are present with their loved ones. They take time off and enjoy holidays. They know how to say ‘no’ and they say it (very kindly) often. They know that when their mind, body and spirit are nourished, they show up as their best selves in their business.

They acknowledge that they can’t do it all by themselves

Let’s be real - running a business requires a hell of a lot of time and energy (more than I EVER thought when starting out all those years ago). My most successful clients acknowledge this, accept this, and recruit support where they need it. As much as many women in business like to cut costs and do all the work themselves, this lack mentality sometimes prevents them from achieving the business growth and success they aspire to.

The most successful women in business don’t waste time doing tasks that don’t come naturally to them, are fiddly and time intensive, or that they don’t enjoy. They know that these tasks are better outsourced to someone in the know (like me!) who can get things done quickly and with ease.

Often, what I write and create in just a few short hours would take these babes WEEKS to produce (there’s something about being too close to something that generates a huge barrier - have you noticed this in your own business?) Outsourcing often means quick turnover thus quicker sales and business growth!


All of my most successful clients have a clear plan for their business - they know what their goals are, and what they need to do to achieve them. As well as this though, they are all flexible women who adore working in their feminine flow and value and respect their intuition. Not many of them fully brought their initial business visions for the year to life, because they themselves changed as individuals, the needs of their ideal clients changed and their heart (and brain!) urged them to saunter off path and change their tact.

This is a very different approach to other biz babes I’ve watched from the sidelines - the ones who have pushed on despite an overwhelming sense of misalignment and refused to adapt and modify their business plans. Needless to say, they didn’t reach the success they’d hoped for!

The most successful biz babes know that anything that feels ‘off’, or that they’re not inspired by, simply won’t succeed and thus they’re the Queens at heart led course correcting.

They spend time working on their business, not just in their business

Your business is never going to grow in the direction you want it to if you spend all your time working for your clients, and neglect the growth of your own business. If you fail to do important things like show up consistently and intentionally to social media, send newsletters, nurture your VIP’s, promote yourself, create new offerings and network - your business will stay stagnant and in same cases, plateau.

The most successful of my clients book out time in their calendar to work on their business each week. They treat it like a child - one that requires loving TLC, attention and a whole lot of love.

Now it’s your turn beauty! Did you achieve the success you wanted to in your business this year? What small shifts could you make in your business and personal life today, that will benefit you, and invite in success, in the future?

Remember, I’m always here should you need support. I’m currently offering 20% off all my coaching and copywriting services until the end of December (for you to make use of over the next few months!) Here’s to epic business growth and a tonne of happiness in 2019!